Microsoft Acquires DatAllegro – Customers Lose

Microsoft Acquires DatAllegro – Customers Lose

Microsoft has acquired DatAllegro. As well has creating problems for any DatAllegro customers that have avoided the Microsoft stack, the acquisition raises some interesting questions:Why has it taken so long for Microsoft to realize that SQL Server does not scale well?

What will Microsoft say to DatAllegro’s current customers that bought an open system based on the open source Ingres database and running on open source Linux?

Will the DatAllegro engineering team have to port its product over to .NET and how long will it take?

In addition to using Ingres and Linux, the DatAllegro engineering team presumably leveraged many open source products. Will these all have to be replaced due to Microsoft’s stance against open source.

How will the DatAllegro’s customers feel about the engineering team concentrating on a platform port that they probably do not want instead of delivering new features?

One fact is certain: the winners in this deal are DatAllegro’s shareholders and the losers are DatAllegro’s customers.

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