CodeFutures Updates FireStorm/DAO

CodeFutures Updates FireStorm/DAO

CodeFutures is pleased to announce the General Availability of FireStorm/DAO 3.2.1. The maintenance release provides the general public with access to a range of feature enhancements and bug fixes that have been provided over the previous few months customers.”We’re very happy to continue to consolidate all the recent product improvements provided to our supported customers in a new maintenance release” says Andy Grove, Chief Architect, CodeFutures.

About FireStorm/DAO

FireStorm/DAO is a database access tool that adopts a pragmatic approach of generating Java source code for data persistence that is a direct mapping of a particular relational database schema. It is also possible to define complex multi-table queries and to leverage existing database logic contained within stored procedures.
FireStorm/DAO is based on the Data Access Object design pattern and is available in Enterprise, Architect, and OEM editions. FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition allows new custom code generation templates to be developed and integrated with the FireStorm/DAO Studio environment. FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition includes the source code for the Java code generation templates. The code generation templates are written in Java, which means that Java developers have a very short learning curve before they can start customizing the code generation.

Additional information on FireStorm/DAO is available here: /firestorm/

FireStorm/DAO is available for download here: /products/firestorm/download/

About CodeFutures
CodeFutures is the leading supplier of database performance tools. CodeFutures’ database access tool, the award-winning FireStorm/DAO, makes Java software developers more productive by generating Java DAO ( Data Access Object) code for accessing relational databases. The benefits provided by CodeFutures’ database access tools are higher developer productivity, better software quality, and lower maintenance costs.CodeFutures’ products are used in hundreds of companies such as Turner Broadcasting, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo Bank, Walt Disney, Kraft Foods, T-Systems, FedEx, Bed Bath and Beyond, Lockheed Martin, Suzuki, EMC, Macromedia, and Siemens.

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